Pillars of Heaven

Questions and Answers
The Light Elemental Speaks

Here are the answers the Light Elemental gives your questions you ask it.

Does this place produce more than just personal effects and bodies for pairing with souls?

We produce the continuation of life, the great cycle! What else could you want? Well ok I guess those things you said are more a by-product that help the cycle keep going, really we produce one part of safety for us all! So really, just meat bags and knick-knacks! it bobs excitedly

Has anyone ever broken the terms of the bargain, and if so, what happened?

its glow dims breifly, and it bobs back and forth nervously Shh, don't talk about breaking the bargain! No one breaks it, if you don't keep bargains how can we be us? I don't want to just be a light beam bouncing back and forth with no control! You don't think the guy who ran the manufactorie broke the bargain do you? I did wonder if I heard a sudden gust of wind a while back….

What happens to the bodies if they don't receive a soul?

What happens to your body if you don't have a soul? Its stinky from what I understand! But the ones upstairs are protected, or something. But there have been a few times where we miiiight have gotten a little excited and shot some reserve power accidently into the pillar…it changes shade slightly, an embarresed pink I don't thiiink, anything bad happened, but some things kicked in that only kick in to refill slab chambers are they are empty after those times…Hence why we nearly completly drained reserve power…stupid automated jerks.

Where do Elves, Goblins and Sliths come from?

Well when a boy elf and a girl elf love each other lots and lots….it bobs and weaves around your head Ha! Well not from here silly! We don't get many of those souls here! The elves I think are mainly from up north! Same with goblins and nephils! I don't know what a slith is but it must come from another pillar! 

What were the plans of the one with the agency after this place was shut down?

Which one? Oh the guy who was in charge? The preist? I dunno! He just told us to shut it all down, it wasn't worth the drain or something, honestly he seemed pretty emotional when he stormed out, I dunno what he told the others but he said we could do anything we wanted if we kept the power off. We had some crazy fun lightshows…but it got boring pretty fast.

Where did the agency come from?

He was in charge silly! Like she is in charge! it bobs around Grezelle I know because she is! She just has the authority you know? Like she is official or was recognised as a successor by someone who was in charge!

Where do we find new elementals to operate the workshop and how do we contract them?

Well you'll have to go look for them silly! Clearly they arn't in here, you could try some funky cook looking rocks or glowly crystals! Ohhh, yeah I haven't worked with a glowly crystal guy in aaageeess. As for contracts you just need to tell them about the place and what you want them to do! Then of course make an offer you think they'd like in return! I got to work here so I could bounce light off any mirrored surface I want in here! See? it glows and heads into a only faintly refelctive surface of the metal on a crate, the light doesn't reflect normally, its a bit bizzare But some are no fun and want you to do silly things like make the crystal they came from into some boring ring or keep their rock formation safe for as long as you live!

What are the limits on What we can create, and how do you get new designs? Do you copy existing? How do we choose what to manufacture.

Oh, this place? It just makes anything generic that you crazy meat-sacks might find special like swords or boots or clothing! All real dull and just sorta a rough shape! The final shaping happens when and if you are truly awakened, its pretty complicated process, I think the guys that do it are bound until the goddess dies or the pillar collapses or something hardore like that! I wonder what they got in return? Anyway you just need to make sure the final shaping chambers have the right generic tools in them when someone is truly awakened and they will shape it and send it directly onto them, or alternatively fill a chest if its not meant to be a big show for the truly awakened person. Some of you meatbags need a show to convince you its significant, others of you get along just fine with wham bam you remember who you are and heres a chest full of your stuff! Good times…it wanders off back into the power chamber

Welcome to Annwn
The Story so far

Our Heroes are finally revealing some mysteries of the Temple of Awakening but before we continue with their adventures we must recap and make a note of how they ended up where they are currently.


Our Heroes Quintin d'Barre, Baxter Theobold Wentworth, Ignatius Fabo and Frobenius Flaxfoot each woke up lying on a plain cold stone slab in a unadorned stone chamber. They wore simple white robes. There was nothing barring them leaving the rooms with their stone slabs so they did and met each other all wondering what had happened. They had no memory of who they were. After they set to exploring they discovered other rooms with still bodies on them wearing robes. They set to leave this place and in doing so managed to regain their memories via strange rooms with intricate symbols covering the walls and by pressing symbols the room showed them. They also regained clothing and weapons they favored. They continued to explore and discovered traps and unfriendly beetles and a large scorpion that all tried to eat them.


After pressing onwards looking for a way out of this dangerous and strange place they came across a room with two raised dais on either corner of the north of this room. When stood upon they dimmed the light of the main chamber and when both were stood upon at once they summoned a ghostly being in a robe who told them it would answer questions for them. It was very unhelpful and promptly vanished after answering three questions they had in a curt and uninformative manner.


Disappointed with the answers they had received the group head up a spiral staircase into an entryway where they discovered shuffling and stumbling humans in decayed clothing that promptly assaulted them. The group fought them off, slaying the people, whatever was wrong with them seemed to be related to an undead nature. Finally they emerged from the entrance of this place only to to find they had not reached the outside world as they knew it at all. The front steps of this buidlign were carved into a rock face that went up for hundreds if not thousands of meters before ending in a roof of rough natural rock. They were apparently in an underground world.


After this revelation they followed signs of an ancient overgrown road leading from this place they had emerged from. It lead them along for half an hour or so of brisk walking, all while showing them strange vista's of twisted stunted trees, fields of mushrooms being tended to in the distance and large lizards being used as stock. They came to a walled town, like the place they had awoken in this place to was worn down and decaying. The gates were guarded by a single man in rusty studded leather welding a stone-tipped spear. After discovering they were mistrusted by asking to many questions about where they were they managed to gain entry without having to kill anyone. Once inside the town which they discovered was called South-Woke they headed along the main street being watched by hungry, defeated looking people just doing their best to survive with nothing.


After walking through the town for a bit them came across a building that while still worn looking was not as shabby as the rest of the town. Its sign proclaimed it to be called the Broken Blade. They met and befriended the man who owned and ran the Inn, called Mathye. After questioning them and seeming unsure of their vague answers they told him where they had come from and he, while startled, didn't turf them out. He listened to them and was curious about their coming from what he called the Temple of Awakening. He told them stories of how everyone supposedly used to come from the temple and other temples around Annwn. He also told them of an older manor house that seemed to be related to Quintin's family along with an old hermit man who was supposedly a priest of Pharasma, the goddess of death. They discoverd there were rumours of the trade caravan  being late also and how it boded poorly.

They had a breif spat of excitement as several goblins and a nephalim broke into town and chased people before our heroes dealt with them. As thanks Mathye offered them free board and lodgint until they got their feet.

Ignatius got a job down at the docks of South-Woke once he discovered it was next to a significant river. He was turned down by a fishing crew of 4 sayign they had nothing to pay him but that maybe "old Godmund" would take him on. Ignatius found old Godmund and got a job with him aboard his small fishing boat "The Flaccid Eel". Disturbing imagery aside Ignatius has been out on serveral excursions with Godmund and not proven very useful beyond a familiarity with the ways of the water. He did manage to learn about a local tribe of Slitherzaki, lizard people who are tribal and savage, and stronger than goblins and nephalim. He also so first hand how they killed one of their own. In other adventures on the water he found a spyglass that belonged to a famous pirate he knew of. With it he spotted a tall hillside with strange stone monuments going up and into a cavern near the peak.

Baxter and Frobenius both took to working in the Broken Blade for Mathye who had the attitude of not being able to pay them much but the help would be appreciated. Quintin wanted to go see this Manor and was soon given an opportunity to go and take everyone with him as a weary young woman in armour and weilding a sword stumbled into the Inn saying her master the Hermit had been slain by goblins at the manor just north of town.


Everyone headed off to retrieve the worldy goods of this Hermit to return them to his apprentice Grezelle(the young woman in question they had learned). While this was the impetus their motivations more lay in securing loot and discovering what had happened to this manor and why it bored the name d'Barre.


When they arrived they had a fierce struggle with goblins and Nephalim whicdh left 2 of the three who had gone initially unconcious(Frobenius arrived late having being busy finishing off a mushroom beer at the broken blade.) Once the dust had cleared and Ignatius and Frobenius were the only ones left standing they discovered trade goods they suspected to be from the delayed caravan and a room in the upstairs that was warded by powerful magics.


They woke their companions up with some pilfered healing salves from the trade goods then explored the rest of the Manor together. There was some creepy stuff from an altar with a ceremonial dagger on it. It was snatched up by Frobenius without a thought before he experienced an otherworldly chill and decided next time he would pay attention to his hair standing on end before pilfering dark altars.


They heroes did manage to retrieve the body and worlds goods of the hermit including a book which was a journal of the last preists of Pharasma, passed down for 8 generations. 

Taking it on Faith and some tremendous confidence Quintin decided the magic barriers would part for him, a true son of the d'Barre line and walked into them without flinching. Turns our he was right. The barriers examined him and found what it wanted before shutting off. Inside the magically warded room they discovered old and crumbling armor and weapons but more importantly, a pair of chests, one gold trimmed, one silver trimmed. They opened for Quintin and Baxter respectively and inside they discovered precious items of their ancestors, a crystal orb for Quintin and a pair of perfectly white, perfectly pressed and spotless white gloves. These items retrieved they made to leave but Baxter inspected his chest closely and discovered a false bottom which had a full tailored butler suit. Quintin also discovered a false bottom and found beneath his was a very large sum of gold and gems. A fortune for the place they found themselves in.


After collecting the goods they headed back to town and returned the book to Grezelle who studied it and gave them some more information about what had happened back when the temple shut down. Apparently no one even in her line of priests knew why it had happened by the Temple had slowly stopped working until no more people came out from it and there was only the one priest left. They also used their newfound wealth to purchase the Inn from Mathye and set it up as their own. They also thought to use the trade goods they found to help the town and themselves.


As they finished talking to Grezelle an elf burst into the tavern talking about what trouble the local Goblin and Nephalim tribe was. He was apparently the leader of the trade caravan that was late. It had been ambushed and sacked by the local goblins and he had been captured briefly before escaping and making his way to south woke to rest before returning to Astbrook and beyond.


The group decided to help this merchant by escorting him when he left and also offering to do what they could to solve the  problem of the local goblin and nephalim tribe on the way, anyway they could.


But before they went and did that they decided to go investigate the temple of awakening once more and delve into its depths to see if it had anything to offer them in knowledge or otherwise. Grezelle also said she could help them get information from the being that gave answers to questions.


So they went and re-entered the temple and asked questions of the being that had spited them previously. After Grezelle warned it and threatened it with something it told them a few answers to questions they had. It revealed that this was indeed the realm of the dead. Their souls had come down the pillar and been put into new bodies down below. Apparently the temple had been created and headed by the goddess of death(the transition of life to death) Pharasma but she had disapeared at some point.


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